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A Brief History on Classy Kids

Loraine Morgan, co-founder of Classy Kids, was looking for a great schoolbag for her first son when he started school.

“I searched everywhere and couldn’t find anything that met my requirement for a well designed and stylish schoolbag.  Then by chance I came across a Scout bag and  was sold. It was designed in conjunction with Orthopaedists to provide good support for kids growing backs, and had all sorts of other features like high visibility for road safety, shoulder straps that don’t slip off, and a waterproof coating.  It also looked great with an awesome selection of styles, and bright patterns. The fact that it came with a three year warranty was an extra bonus.  My oldest son had his bag for over 6 years and it really stood up to the rigours of an active and boisterous boy’s lifestyle.  I bought one bag that lasted for the whole of primaty school.  My other two sons had Scout schoolbags as well. They loved them and so do I”.

Susann Rothkopf, co-founder of Classy Kids, moved to New Zealand from Germany in 2005.  Along with Loraine, she saw an opportunity to introduce Scout bags to New Zealand to fulfil the demand that exists for a safe, well designed and robust school bag.

“Scout is a well respected and recognised European brand.  They have been around since the 1970’s with around one in three primary school kids in Germany owning a Scout bag.  The Scouty range of bags for pre-schoolers’, is really cute, the Scout range for primary school children is gorgeous and hard wearing, and the 4YOU range for intermediate, college and university kids is stylish, well designed and practical.  My 7 year old daughter loved her Scout fairy bag, and her friends did as well”.

Loraine and Susann are proud to be able to offer you these exciting European school bags in New Zealand.


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